Swag – CafePress Shop

So I have a little CafePress Shop that I made a loooong time ago and then virtually forgot about. It randomly made a sale and reminded me that it exists. CafePress also made it a lot easier for me to get paid without having to be an actual business. So I decided to link this blog up with it. This isn’t a schill, but if you look through and see something you like then please have at it, I’ve set the prices as low as I can to actually make some money on each one.

Here’s the main store front: Kaos Wizard’s Swag

If you don’t know about CafePress, you should check it out. It’s a great way for people to be creative and earn a couple bucks in doing it. It’s quick and fun to set up. I just got distracted with other stuff before I really went all the way at setting it up to really function well (SEO and all). Anyways, they’re mostly little Nerd shirts (of the D&D variety mostly) that I thought were fun to make. I had a bag full of ideas on other designs so I might make some more at some point too.

Here are some of my favorite designs though…


Charisma is my Dump Stat

Shirt of Awesome +5

  1. #1 by André on August 21, 2011 - 12:37 PM

    I like the Shirt of Awesome and the “Stay on the Healer’s Good Side”. Might spring for those as soon as I’ve got a couch to my name under whose cushions I can look for spare cash. 🙂

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