A few of my favorite things…

This is something I’ve been considering doing for awhile. Lists like these change over time, but I wanted to share a couple of lists of my favorite things.

Favorite Super Heroes

I’ve always been a Marvel fan for a lot of reasons. The biggest debate is often Marvel vs. DC and in the end DC characters never held that much appeal for me. DC characters tend to be very 1-dimensional. Their exact ranking shifts over time, but generally these have been the top.

1. Spider Man – Pretty much always #1. Spider Man and almost more importantly, Peter Parker has always been a very relatable character for me. He has classic elements of tragedy in his past, but he doesn’t let it consume him (like someone over at DC with a tragic past). Spidey is sarcastic and always has a quip. His powers are strong, but they don’t make him invincible or unbeatable, his mind usually accomplishes that. In the end I like heroes that are still mortal and flawed. Let’s also not forget that he pretty much always gets the hotness, Mary Jane, Gwen Stacy, & Black Cat to name the few.

2. Captain America – He’s the paragon of super hero virtue in the Marvel Universe. Whichever side of a fight Cap is on, you can bet it’s probably the side of truth, justice and the mother fraking American way damn it! He’s an icon of what the country and this world should be in many ways. He’s also barely super powered, strength, speed and reflexes are basically those of a world class or Olympic athlete, an athlete in pretty much every sport, but all the same, he’s pretty much got more human then super in his super human equation. Yet he still manages to be one of the greatest heroes in the Marvel Universe.

3. Wolverine – I first started reading comics because of the old X-Men cartoon series and the action figures that came out around them. My first major story arch was the Bloodlines story, which spanned across multiple series, and each issue of the main arch has a hologram card on the front. I already knew the basics of Wolverine from my friends and the cartoon series, but one of the first issues I read had Wolverine getting the adamantine ripped from his body by Magneto in an epic battle in space. And the guy lived! Wolverine is one of the few heroes who is nearly immortal that I still love. He’s dark and full of rage, yet he still has a heart and passion. And I always rooted for him and Jean Grey. She just didn’t belong with Cyclops.

4. Iron Man – I’m a tech Nerd, that’s pretty much the end of story here. He’s rich. And under the armor he’s just a guy with a busted heart. If there’s a problem or a bad guy that can’t be beat, give Tony Stark enough time and he can build a suit to beat it and dice your vegetables. He has the brains that he could build hundreds of suits and other heroes to help him out, but he’s seen what happens when his technology gets abused and has gone to war to protect his intellectual property.

5. Human Torch – He flies and is covered in fire. I’ve always wanted to fly as a super power. Harnessing fire all over my body and being able to duke it out with some of the nastiest bad guys out there is just cool. And he doesn’t have to keep a secret identity, he gets to live in the public and be a celebrity. And he’s friends with Spidey!

6. Jean Grey/Phoenix/Dark Phoenix – She’s sexy, bad ass telepath and telekenetic, and one of the most powerful mutants in the galaxy (she blew up an entire solar system!). Not only can she fly, but she can do it in space! She’s an original X-Man to boot.

7. Hawkeye – Hawkeye was always a favorite for me because he wasn’t super human at all, he’s just a master at what he does, and what he does is shoot tricked out arrows with a bow and he never misses! He used to be a criminal, but that doesn’t stop him from being an Avenger, and despite being a normal human facing down some of the worst enemies in the galaxy.

8. Emma Frost/White Queen – Another former villain turned good, so good that Professor X intrusted her with the X-Men and his precious school! Another very hot telepath, but she can also turn her body to diamonds and kick some ass when she needs to. And I always liked her being with Cyclops, she took a little of the shine off of the good soldier boy. That and who wouldn’t enjoy seeing some convention girls cosplay as her?

Anyways, I could have gone on for quite awhile on this topic. In middle school when we were studying statistics and I had to do conduct surveys and compile the results into statistical sets, I did my surveys and report on the best Marvel Heroes! And had a lot of fun doing it too. Granted that list has changed over the years. And I probably have a separate list for hottest female super heroes, though you can bet Jean and Emma are on it. I think I’ll do follow up posts to this, but a lot of other things are harder to rank and really depend on my mood at the time. Maybe favorite books or literary heroes at some point. Favorite starships and or Star Trek crew members, my starship dream team as it were. And probably, yeah at some point I’ll have to post a list of my favorite/hottest female celebs…if for no other reason so that I can do a Google image search for each one and really debate over who will make the cut. It’s a good thing this post is so nerd filled that the fiance probably won’t do more then skim it!


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  1. #1 by X1 on August 10, 2011 - 7:31 AM

    I enjoyed reading this. But I can’t say that I have the same view as you on Jean and Wolverine – I like them as a couple prefer her with Wolvie, I just don’t really like the characters lol 😀

    • #2 by hotelnerd on August 11, 2011 - 9:22 AM

      For Jean, I’ve always enjoyed her struggle with the Phoenix force and the fact that even Professor X is a little afraid of Jean’s strength.

      As for Wolverine, he’s just good fun. I don’t understand how he could be part of the Avengers, ever. That just never made any sense to me. He barely works within the team environment of the X-Men who have a totally different image from the Avengers. I also really enjoyed the days when Wolverine lost his adamantium and just had plain old bones that could break. Attitude wise, I like that he’s loyal to his friends, but one hell of an enemy when you get on his bad side. He’s not afraid to gut you like a pig if that’s what the job calls for. Sometimes bad guys just need killing and Wolverine can carry out on that without much looking back, unlike most of the other great heroes, even the ones on my own list.

  2. #3 by HoaiPhai on August 10, 2011 - 8:06 AM

    Great post! I’m kind of ashamed to say that I’m not familiar with some of these characters but your writing about them makes me want to know more. Very engaging piece!

    • #4 by hotelnerd on August 11, 2011 - 9:25 AM

      Graphic Novels are a great way to get into these characters. I have trouble finding the time to keep up with “modern times” story lines, but love Graphic Novels that are collections of mini series or that are collections of back issues, especially when they all pertain to a particular story arc. Reading old comics is a bit like watching old TV shows though, sometimes the art looks dated and a little out of place or the dialogue is a little cheesy. You learn to look past it for the awesomeness though.

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