Ghost Story is here!

Warning Spoilers to Ghost Story by Jim Butcher may lay ahead of you in this post!

Harry is back!...kinda

I get a lot of my “reading” done via audiobook these days. It lets me get through so many of the books I want to read during time that would normally be consumed driving in the car. And really a well produced audiobook is quite delightful to consume.

There are books that I do make a point of actually reading however. The top among them being Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files books. The most recent of which, Ghost Story, (finally) came out today! I bought it on Amazon and paid for the 2 day shipping because they promised I would have it on release date. And it worked out perfectly.

I was in the midst of playing a new video game (Spider Man Shattered Dimensions) a game which I’ve been thoroughly enjoying since purchasing yesterday. So oddly enough I didn’t dive in immediately. The Dresden books normally come out in April, and despite the massive cliff hanger of Changes I petulantly decided that Harry Dresden could wait a few hours. He’s dead after all.

I also knew that once I started reading I wouldn’t be good for much else today. I’ve been so eager to read this book since the last one that finally having it in my hands is causing me to tremble with anticipation! I’m 48 pages in and finally coming up for air for the first time, and will no doubt dive back in, but I felt a blog post was in order today.

So far, Harry is dead, dead as a door nail. We’ve met good ol Carmichal who died all the way back in Fool Moon, we’ve been Murph’s dad Captain Jack Murphy. And Harry has come back from some weird limbo called by the other ghosts “inbetween” to Chicago as a ghost in order to solve his own murder. The “other side”, the devil, fallen angels, the evil league of evil, who/whatever broke some sort of celestial laws when they capped Harry and so no the cosmic balance gets to swing the other way. Which I’ve already concluded will ultimately bring Harry fully back to the world of the living.

Anyways, things are going to hell in Chicagoland when ghost-Harry arrives at the doorstep of the only man that can help him, good old Mortimer Lindquist. And holy jumping Jesus! Morty has some real awesomeness that the other books haven’t even hinted at. And we can see why the Wardens always give Ectomancers such a hard time, they’re just on the right side of the Laws of Magic away from being Necromancers. Maybe not even on a side, more like right on the actual line.

I love these books. I was scared and a little upset when Harry got shot and fell into Lake Michigan at the end of Changes. Jim Butcher is an amazing author, and despite the fact that his Dresden stories are told from a first person perspective, he does an amazing job of keeping all of his characters separate and distinct individual personalities. Even writing in third person it’s hard to keep characters from running together sometimes, and writing first person has always made it more difficult for me at least.

I also have each book in Audiobook too and have listened to each one multiple times. They’re masterfully performed by James Marsters (used to be Spike on Buffy). However, I commit myself to reading each Dresden book before listening to it in audio format. I know once I listen to it, I won’t go back to read the book. And there’s something delicious about consuming Dresden stories 1 page at a time word by word. I’ll enjoy the audiobook afterwards just as much, but on a different level than I do when reading it.

Anyways, if you haven’t read these books…what the hell are you doing reading this far! I mean, go back and read from book 1, Storm Front. Each book is wonderful and the series just grows more epic with each installation.



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  1. #1 by Frank Bishop on July 26, 2011 - 3:36 PM

    I woke up at midnight to get this downloaded from audible. In the giant cosmic FU the universe puts in fun, the server hadn’t refreshed and it wasn’t up. So when I awoke at 6, i had to download the three audio files and it put me behind an hour for work. It is all about priorities.

    I agree, this series is a master class of fantasy and writer craftsmanship. I await to see what face punches Mr. Butcher has for us, because after Changes, how many are left?

    • #2 by hotelnerd on July 26, 2011 - 3:39 PM

      So far there have been plenty of face punches! I just wish I hadn’t had to wait an extra 3 months to get this book!

  2. #3 by The Hook on July 30, 2011 - 1:46 PM

    Sounds awesome!

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