Trip Away

It’s been pretty quiet for me lately. Busy but quiet.

I was in a friend’s wedding this last weekend as Co-Best Man, someone said that was like being “Assistant to the Regional Manager” but considering I had the far more awesome toast I think that person can just shut up.

It was interesting being a hotel guest for once and not the one running things behind the scenes. I’m pretty forgiving in a lot of instances. I tend to set pretty reasonable expectations for wherever I’m staying based off of the room rate if nothing else. The property was gorgeous on the outside. It’s a small little Inn (20ish rooms). One of the Front Desk Agents that assisted us at check-in was great, and he remained that way during every interaction (especially when I came stumbling in with a drunken request for some hot tea so that I could rally after passing out for a couple of hours). They used a scrabble tray (not a board) and scrabble letters to spell out their names at the front desk instead of a name tag and I think that was a cute quirky trait. I did notice some issues, but nothing that made me have to go and speak to anyone about it or expect a discount. I thought their rates were pretty appropriate for the size of the property, their location and the overall quality of the experience. I did fill out the comment card so that internally they could see some of the issues I did. I don’t think I’ll write a Yelp review, but I haven’t quite made up my mind. A couple of issues that bothered me as a hotel guest:

  1. Parking lot was tiny and hard to maneuver in. This is especially an issue because the property is fairly remote and I know that every guest generally has to drive out there.
  2. The bathroom has a large jetted tub with shower combo (old but in good repair and not 2 person which would make it more tempting), but the way it and the rest of the bathroom were set up, it required a shower curtain all the way around the tub keep the water in. The shower curtain was short and cheap, meaning it was light and flimsy. When you’re in the shower and the fan in the bathroom is on (which you need to have the light on) the curtain sucks in on you and clings to your body. Since I know for a fact that they don’t change that curtain between each guest, I found that especially icky. They make weighted shower curtains, or even ones with magnets built-in to the bottom (for metal tubs) so that curtains don’t do that. I hate shower curtains just on general principle and would much prefer some sort of redesign that offered the shower as a glass enclosure.
  3. M&Ms under the bed. I get it, under the bed is a tough place to clean with a vacuum, even with the right attachment. This wasn’t far under the bed though, it was just under the dust ruffle.
  4. Furniture was old, beat up, and very dated. Didn’t mind this as much, because it was in line with my expectations of the place. However, I could see how it could bother some guests, and I think they could do a much better business with a few minor updates (better revenue for them I mean).
  5. The window curtains were a middle dark shade of pink, and had horrible stains on them. They needed to be burned not replaced.
  6. I saw some of their other rooms, including their “cottages” which were their best units. And the dated quality to their furniture was everywhere. One cottage felt more like a frat house with the furniture it had in there. Except a frat would probably have a better TV.
  7. Continental breakfast wasn’t anything special to write home about. Little special choices in this area can really make a huge difference.

Anyways, that was my trip away. My fiance and I still had a great time. And we learned some things to do and to avoid in our own pending wedding. And it was a great pleasure and honor to participate in this beautiful wedding.


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  1. #1 by Shawn on June 20, 2011 - 8:24 PM

    I hate it when the parking lot is tinny! The best parking lots are load with BASS!

    • #2 by hotelnerd on July 1, 2011 - 8:42 PM

      hahahaha…you’re super funny
      :::kicks the typo demon::::

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