D&D: Campaign Idea

So my every other week D&D game was on Tuesday night. Had a great time, the troublesome DM has moved back to being a player and our tried and true main DM for the table has taken back over with a campaign that we had been taking a break from while we played Troublesome’s game. It was a great night, especially because coming back from the break, our DM had a special twist in mind for us. We had all started out this campaign playing 2 teams of characters that were fighting against an oppressive urban regime. We had all been complaining that having the 2 characters was a little tedious because we ended up only playing one of them exclusively for long stretches of time without the option to rotate characters. Our DM brought us back to the session and lead us into some sort of mad magical experiment, now our characters have crazy split personalities, only when one of the personalities takes over we do a full polymorph effect including gear changing. We get to control which character comes out after each extended rest, but there are also circumstances that can force the change, like character death. And we’ve been told there might be more personalities pumping around in our heads too! I think it’ll be very fun. The night lead up to us picking a fight with a clan of Orcs in the tunnels far beneath our city. When we realized that we had just taken out the gate guards and the entire clan was now on its way after us, it was time to bail. We knew that we couldn’t go back (there was a cave in behind us), and none of us took time to search for secret doors (my fault, I was the Rogue), so we just jumped in the underground river and all crossed our fingers that we wouldn’t drown!  Anyways, it was a great return to form for game night, and very happy we made it.

I’m working on my own new campaign and I wanted to post my brief idea in progress up here. A lot of my campaign ideas borrow heavily from what I read and watch on TV, and I will give a lot of credit for this one to S.M. Stirling’s series of novels in the Emberverse, the first book being “Dies the Fire”. Anyways, here it is…

Campaign Name: Shattered Earth

Setting Synopsis: In the year 2012 the planet Earth was shattered by an event known simply as “the Collision” when in one blistering second this world collided with countless other parallel worlds. Through the Collision these parallel worlds merged with our own in unpredictable ways, bringing life forms both beautiful and terrible, and in many cases overwriting the existing geography that they collided with. In that same instant this Earth’s technology and science simply stopped working, anything that ran on electricity or combustion simply ceased to function. Planes fell out of the air, cars were left abandoned on the road, guns stopped working, and all the other marvels of the modern world became so much useless junk. In the place of this once powerful technology, came new gifts however, the power of the gods and the world bending might of arcane and primordial magic. The world was in pieces, even the portions that weren’t wiped away by startling new otherworld chunks, were left in shambles. Chaos swept the globe as alien peoples and monsters clashed with the stricken survivors of humanity. In the first year 90% of the Earth’s original population was wiped away either through the Collision itself or the chaos that followed. Now, 50 years later (The year 50 AC), some semblance of order has been restored to the world. Civilization is slowly taking root once more and an entirely new generation of people has grown up in this new world only knowing stories of the world left behind by the Collision. Humans have banded together with many of the peaceful races that came into the world with the collision, elves, dwarves, Halflings, and many more exist in this world, and in many cases live side by side with the remnants of humanity. However, much of the world is still wild and unclaimed, monsters roam the lands freely outside of the protection of fledgling civilizations. Some of the “Shard Lands”, the lands that came from other worlds and merged with this one are mostly unexplored, who knows what wealth and treasures might lie there. And of course, the ultimate cause of the Collision is still unknown.

Character Generation Rules:

  • Ability Generation: 3d6. 3 qualifying sets. +1 qualifies. Or point buy.

I have another one in the works that is more Dark Sun/Dune/Stargate, but I want to polish that turd some more first….

Anyways, have a good day. Time for me to get ready for work!

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