We’re not doing it for our health!

We’re doing it for yours!
When a sign says, “Do Not Enter – Scalding Hot Water”. We really mean it. We really really do. We don’t just go around putting signs up for shits and giggles! We especially mean it when we spot you violating the sign, approach you and ask you not to. I don’t want to be having that conversation anymore than you do. I’d much rather be doing any number of things, but guess what? It really is unsafe! That’s why we put up a sign! It’s not like the sign said “Do Not Enter – Fuzzy Kittens and Rainbows”. So when I walk up to you and ask you not to use that gate, or go somewhere, it’s not because I’m a meany, and arguing with me, whatever your logic, really doesn’t matter. I don’t care if it makes it easier to walk from your room to the pool, it’s unsafe! Not only do I not want anything bad to happen to you (well at least at the beginning of our conversation I didn’t), but I also don’t want myself or my employer to get sued.
“You know the owner?” try not to roll my eyes “Well the owners made the rule, and if they want to make an exception for you, they’ll call me and let me know. If you’d like to call them, please do.” “No I won’t give you their phone number. You should have it. You know them.” Or apparently you don’t.

Moving on with my night….


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