I love my job and this industry, I don’t think most people outside the business what it means for your weekends, especially when most of the people in your life work a ”traditional” schedule. It’s a hardship that anyone contemplating the business should seriously consider. You don’t realize just how much other people do with their weekends until Saturday is Wednesday for you, and your Saturday is on Tuesday for the rest of the world. Sure, you can go to the grocery store or the bank or the post office on your days off without many lines. But you also miss countless functions and parties with friends and family. It’s a point of much disappointment for my finance and I. She works a traditional schedule 8 – 5 Monday through Friday.  We only rarely get days off together, and those only when we make special arrangements in our respective schedule. We compensate for it other ways too. Saturdays I’m the closing MOD (manager on duty) and we’ve found enjoyable ways to spend the mornings together going to the gym together, breakfast out, sleeping in (something that takes practice if you’re not used to it). In some ways I think we turn the mornings into extra quality time because we know the time will be limited.
This sort of schedule isn’t unique to the hospitality/service industry by any means. Cops, doctors, nurses, firemen, all have the potential for similar restrictions on their time. I still think that the majority of the world doesn’t think about it. Although, occasionally I’ve had a guest ask me about it, especially on holidays. Usually followed up with “that sucks” and yeah sometimes it does. I would much prefer a simple “thank you” in that situation, since the world couldn’t function today without professionals willing to work 24/7 schedules that so many do. I appreciate a heartfelt expression of appreciation very,much from my guests. And that will bring me to later topic about proper tipping and also comment cards and online reviews.


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