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I’ve been contemplating this endeavor off and on for a while now. The idea seemed just a little daunting, and there was always this question “How do I do that?” I understood full well the technical side of starting a blog. I decided to take a page from Chris Hardwick at The Nerdist and just start doing it.

So here’s the long and short of it people. I’m a nerd, a huge nerd, and damn proud of it. I’m of the opinion that almost everyone is a nerd about something. My boss is kind of a nerd about construction and design. I’m more of a nerd in the classical sense, I love Sci-Fi and fantasy, I have a regular D&D game, I play video games, and love techno gizmos and dodads. I can be shy and a bit of an introvert, especially in new social situations. On the flip side of this coin (I’m the coin) I work in a very public and social industry that most of “my people” aren’t usually drawn to. I work in the hospitality industry (specifically Hotel operations) and oddly enough I love it. I got my B.S. in Hospitality Management after working in the industry for almost 7 years and having grown up in that environment (my family owns a small B&B/Inn). At work, I’m confident, sociable, and outgoing with guests and co-workers. I find all of those things come easily at work, when they don’t in my personal social life, because my role in that environment is pretty set and quantified. I know what I’m supposed to be doing there and where I belong in this social environment.

So why did I start this blog? Well first of all, and I’m sure I’m not the first to express this opinion on the internet, but there are a lot of aspects to the Travel/Hospitality/Hotel Industry that lay people take for granted or are totally ignorant of (yes, using your debit card at a hotel or to rent a car might not be the best idea). Sometimes I want this to be a forum for educating the public, so that their expectations are more in line with reality. Sometimes I want this to be a forum for a mad and wild rant about some crazy thing that happened or the massive idiocy I perceive around me. And sometimes, I just want a fun place to come and write about nerdy things that I’m passionate about (like I’m dying to watch the newest episode of Doctor Who “Day of the Moon” right now, but my fiance made me promise to wait for her!). And occasionally the Venn diagram of “nerd” and “hotel” will warrant some commenting on, like how I can be totally stoked about a new spreadsheet I put together for my staff to use.

Now, you might be wondering who I am…in some cases you might know who I am because I shared this blog with you to get input and feedback…but I hope that I might attract a larger audience that doesn’t know who I am right off the bat. I’m going to try to remain anonymous through this process for a variety of reasons. The biggest of which is that I think I might be more honest with my audience if the majority of my audience doesn’t know who I am. So the names of people and places are going to be changed to protect the innocent and the guilty (and sometimes the wildly stupid).

Also I’ll go so far as to say that not every hotel (be they a big brand or small owner/operator) does 2 things the same way. However, I’ve worked at a variety of different sized properties at a variety of different levels of service, and I did major in this field. And I have friends that work at all different part of the industry, and I sometimes nerd-out over how policies and procedures work at other hotels. This is all to say, that I’m by no means the definitive word on my industry, I just want to express what I hope is my somewhat unique perspective. I hope to be able to offer “guest bloggers” eventually with their own perspectives, answer questions and comments from readers that might be either in the industry or consumers of it (we call them “guests”). I really don’t know where this is going long-term. Right now I’m just taking it one post at a time.

And this is one.

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